Reflections of God – ONLY EDIT THIS PAGE

My dear friend, JESUS  is about to return!

I hope that you will read this letter with an open mind and heart.   Many of us may have lost friends and people we know in death.

The question i have to ask, where did they go?  Well  I say you have a  choice, you have to make a decision!  Jesus says in  John 3: 3  you must be born  again  or you will not enter the kingdom of heaven!  Likewise; John 3: 16 says,  God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten  son,  that whoever believes in Him  will  have eternal  life.

Now you are probably going to ask, how can I be sure that I will be going to heaven?  Its very  simple,  just ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and ask Him to come into your heart.  That’s why He died for you,  so that you will be with Him in heaven.

That is what the scripture in John 3:3 means,  that you must be  born again.  Every person is guaranteed a forever,  its just a matter of where  “forever” will be spent.

How do we attain eternal life?  Repentance, faith, and  trust in Christ for salvation.

One minute after you slip behind that parted curtin, you will either be  enjoying a personal  welcome from Jesus Christ or catching your glimpse of doom  as you have never known it.  Your either here on earth or your there in the eternal realism that there is  no middle ground.

Within an instant-in one heart beat you can  be on the other side of eternity.  And whether you step into eternal death, depends on what you decide about Christ.  If you choose Him as  your Lord and deliverer, you will spend forever  with Him in heaven.  If you refuse Him,  you will forever languish in hell and be separated from Him.


True Christianity, courageous Christianity–the kind the apostles Paul and  Peter and thousands of other early Christians practiced isn’t for wimps.  Its not for the faint hearted, the lukewarm, the moderately committted, or the occasional church goer.  Its for the passionate ,the ones with courage to say, I believe God, and I will dedicate  my every walking hour to His purpose , no matter what it costs.



John 14:1  Your heart must not be  troubled. Believe in God, believe also in Me